Dear Customers

Following the update from the government yesterday regarding the Coronavirus and social distancing we have made the decision that the Silks will remain open as long as we can given the extra measures we have put in place.

We have introduced even higher standards of hygiene across the entire bar and restaurant through an even more robust cleaning regime than normal.

Staff and customers alike are encouraged to clean their hands regularly and comprehensively (W.H.O signs are in the amenities).  All contact points are sanitised regularly throughout the day and our staff are hand washing before serving each customer.

We have reduced the maximum number of guests we will serve in order to increase the distance between the tables.

Where card limits allow, we would like to accept contactless payments only.  Regardless our payment machine will be regularly cleaned during service.

Finally, we are looking to implement a Takeaway service to start as soon as possible. Once we work out the logistics, we will let you know exactly what is available and how you can order.  We would like to offer a delivery service for elderly and vulnerable people living in the Ogbourne villages but may need some assistance from the community to make this happen.

But most of all stay safe and well, we’re all in this together.

From Fraser and all the Staff at the Silks